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October 17, 2014

The hot tub dream

Hot Tub Parts -Should you repair hot tub pumps?

October 17, 2014

If you found this blog, you’re probably wondering and searching for if it is possible to fix damaged or faulty hot tub parts, mainly hot tub pumps , or to go down the costly road of buying a brand new replacement hot tub parts. I’m going to show you the pros and cons of each route and why it may or not be worth it.

hot tub parts

Have you diagnosed the hot tub parts fault?

A lot of basis on the decision of to repair or to replace, can be based on what fault you have. Some are simple fixes and some it is worth replacing for the long run.
It’s also worth thinking about how easy can it be fixed and the price of the replacements parts. Some company’s charge £170 to service & repair your pump, replace bearings etc. That is a hefty price to repair what could possibly be an ageing hot tub pump. If you know what the fault is, then you can ring a good hot tub pumps supplier and they will give you solid advice. That said, even if you do not know what the fault is, you can still ring them describe what is happening and a good hot tub parts supplier with sound technical support will be able to diagnose your problem for you.

Replacing Individual hot tub parts

This is the cheaper option but is the most effective in the long run? As a general rule of thumb, if you can do the repair yourself, and the cost is below £50 total then it’s a good fix. Things like repairing seals , or changing the bearings are all good low fix repair choices. You do not want to be replacing pricey individual hot tub parts, only for the pump to be rendered totally useless a month later due to a major fault, because the pump was old or had heavy usage.
Replacing the hot tub pumps
Brand new shiny hot tub parts - pumps are obviously the more expensive of the two options. But you’re getting the renewed lifespan, so your next problems should not arise for a long while. You’re also getting the new efficiency, the added flow and general overall satisfaction and enjoyment of your spa. Did i mention peace of mind too?


How old is the hot tub parts?

In the industry, if your hot tub parts are over a year old and had pretty average use, then any faults to your hot tub pumps, should just be replaced with a totally new pump. Why? because in the long run this is far more economical and effective. The money you spend on repairing small parts is better off put towards the newer pump. It is far more cost effective.
How often have you used it?
Do you use your hot tub daily, weekly, monthly? Once a year? This should all be added into the equation.
The truth is, there is no simple answer, just a checklist and some common sense. I hope i have given you the overall thought process needed when deciding to replace or repair your hot tub parts. Thanks

Used hot tub buying guide

October 17, 2014


So you are looking into buying a hot tub? What a great idea, you will not regret it. You have two choices, either shiny and brand new or used obviously. You are without a doubt going to
save a lot of money when buying a used one but i am going to tell you a few other things you should definitely keep in mind as well when you are looking to buy a used spa.

It's a lot like buying a car, it make look shiny and amazing on the outside but could be very dodgy on the inside. You will find this out the hard way when your hot tub packs in a month after purchase
and when they stop working that usually means it's going to be expensive to repair.

A few tips you should keep in mind when purchasing a second hand hot tub:

How easy is it going to be to get the hot tub from the sellers location to yours?

Does this hot tub fit your needs? Get in there and sit inside it. Are you to small is it too uncomfortable? Are the seats to low down.
Hot tubs can come in many sizes and shapes and they won't all be a comfy fit for tall people.

What condition is all the wiring in? Have a good look inside the cabinet and follow the wires to all of the components and check the connections. Does it all work? I mean EVERYTHING, check blowers
all jets and if it is heating properly. Check the filter and see if it clogged up and or not and not discoloured.

Now check all the individual components for wear and tear. Check all the pumps the control box the board etc and the topside panels. Check for rust on the shafts of the pump especially!

Check the shell of the hot tub for cracks. Get inside and look for any rays of light shining through. A cracked shell can be a big problem.

The actually cabinet needs to be checked as well. Some are made of plastic and some are made of wood. If these are broken or deteriorated then they are still expensive to find exact replacements.

Check the hot tub cover. Is it actually doing its job? This is an essential bit of kit when it comes to protecting the life and longevity of your hot tub and they are not cheap to buy if it needs replacing or needs
a new one.

Precisely why You might want to Obtain Sundance Hot tub Parts

October 14, 2014

Obtaining a spa or possibly a jacuzzi is not everyone's cup of tea; and managing a thing as grand and fragile becomes particularly tricky for the couple of who personal such luxuries. Spas and jacuzzis are very high on upkeep. They require normal at the same time as extremely successful cleaning and even dirt preventive procedures.

Lots of owners preserve their spas and tubs outdoors to absorb organic splendor although relaxing their minds and it truly is this especially lot which should regularly tidy up their tubs as spas to make sure they're no cost from insects, dirt and leaves and also a range of garbage. Owners who've their tubs inside should also make exact very same preventive measures due to the fact dust is omnipresent.

To know far more about Hot tub parts

Spa covers too as hot tub covers will be the most preferred parts to assist keep the undesirable stuff out of your clean tubs, simply think about that you are pondering of taking by far the most calming warm swim right after obtaining a very hassled or upset day and you learn a bunch of one's pet's hair or perhaps a bunch of roaches possessing their own spa celebration.

You'd be out of one's wits! And therefore you need to purchase spas covers.

Sundance spa components are a company that deals in manufacture of various spa parts. Household spas which are created with these kind of components delight in exceptional functioning advantages. Clearly these components do give amazing lavish rewards and rest; they boost your wellness and overall health concurrently. Sundance spa parts extend the positive aspects of skin cleansing hydrotherapy, blood circulation and also joint overall health amongst other relished advantages. Sundance spas components are exceptionally simple to substitute and these components use a system of universal aspect number and this particular method expands the advantage of an a lot easier study of your components to the consumer.

While the excellent from the Sundance spa parts is commendable, purchasers need to undoubtedly study on spa parts dealers too as companies who give reasonable price tag.

In case you are considering setting up a brand new spa at dwelling then you definitely can undoubtedly choose from a diverse selection of components presented by Sundance spa parts which are higher on high quality, include things like attractive functions, are cost-effective and simultaneously are very durable as well.

Lots of spa customers contemplate possessing Sundance spas parts a symbol of luxury too as status simply because the business is very effectively reputed at the same time as recognized. Sundance spa parts are recognized to supply you using the required rest and vitality that people seek out.

A lot of spa owners also choose Sundance spa parts as they deliver the person having a quantity of wellness improvements like eliminating tension and body ache due to the fact of a buildup of pressure inside the distinct muscles and nerves on the physique. The sleek jets in the exclusively fashioned Sundance spa parts assist to ease the tension in the body by caressing your back and re-energizing the physique to ensure that all of the tension also as pressure is drained out.

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There are plenty of benefits to develop into seasoned by the individual if he/she includes a Sundance spa installed in their homes. It'll assist the particular person relax his thoughts and also increase upon the well being.

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